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Originally intended to be a medicinal alcoholic drink for relaxation of body tension. The recipe was created by a family doctor, Dr. Ordinaire, living in the Swiss Jura. Soon Absinthe became a very popular drink because of its mellow, hallucinogenic effect.

What about the ban?

The banning of absinthe was simply a slurring action on the part of the wine trade lobby. Following the grape-louse disaster, the wine trade had to corner the market again and tried, with success, to eliminate a big competitor. After the prohibition, which was only on selling absinthe, not on its production or consumption. From that moment, absinthe was only allowed to be sold with a maximum thuyone level of 6 mg./ltr. However, a minimum Thuyone level of 20 mg./ltr. is necessary for the effect.

In 2006, the Dutch Court of Justice abolished the prohibition, making Holland the only country aloud to officially sell the original absinthe again, with a maximum thuyone level of 35 mg./ltr.

How is absinthe made?

Absinthe is made of brandy distilled with a recipe of herbs, one of which is wormwood, or the absinthe plant. The wormwood contains the hallucinogenic element thuyone; 35 mg./ltr. is the maximum amount authorized.

We are the sole importer of the absinthe gold medalists of Austria: Mata Hari (without the anise flavour) and Montmartre.

We also import Absinthe from the Guy distillery, founded in Pontarlier 1890 in the French Jura.The grandfather of the owner of the distillery bought the original recipe from the granddaughter of Docter Ordinaire.

Distillery Guy is the oldest producer of Absinthe. The Absinthe of Guy is also one of the most decorated Absinthes in France, 100 % artesinal and has a high level of thuyone; 30 out of 35 mg. per litre.


  • Pour one shot of Absinthe in a large glass

  • Place the Absinthe spoon on top of the glass and a sugar cube  on top of the spoon.

  • Pour 2 shots of cold water slowly over the sugar lump and you will see that the drink becomes opaque.

  • The Absinthe is now ready to drink.

  • One glass is sufficient for the lucid effect, as the Thuyone is not cumulative

Please be adviced that:

Drink Absinthe preferably not on an empty stomach, but after you dinner, between 19:00/20:00 hours. Consuming alcohol after drinking Absinthe is not recommended.

The effect is opium-like – mellow and happy, you will experience colourfull and rather bizarre dreams.

Our absinthe assortment:

  • Absinthe Francois Guy 1L (30mg. thuyone / ltr)

  • Absinthe Francois Guy 0.5L (30mg. thuyone / ltr)

  • Absinthe Francois Guy "La Pontissallienne" 0.5 L (33 mg. thuyone/ ltr.)

  • Liqueur d'Absinthe F. Guy 0.7L (26mg. thuyone / ltr

  • Absinthe fountain

  • Various absinthe spoons

  • Various absinthe glasses

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